The Ullstein-Mandela-Games 2015

(pg) - Pupils of the Nelson-Mandela-School and two classes from the Leopold-Ullstein-School (IKV 14 and OBF14_3) have gathered today to take part in the present project called “Ullstein-Mandela-Games”. Both Schools have prepared many games and a big buffet.

At the beginning of this event, our school welcomed the pupils of the Nelson-Mandela-School with a speech written by pupils of our school.

We started off with the first game called “chain reaction”. There were 4 groups, and every group got a bag filled with 150 Dominos and every bag had dominos with different colours. The goal of this task was to connect the dominos and to trigger, as the name suggests, a chain reaction. The second game was a bit like “dodgeball”, but with different rules. That was a very funny game and it was a lot of fun.

Then, the teachers opened the buffet. We had a very nice conversation with each other and enjoyed the delicious food. After that we played a game called “Frantic”. The aim of this game was to keep objects in permanent movement. If tree of the objects you had to move weren’t moving anymore, the game was over. We divided the pupils into two groups and let them play against each other. This game was a bit harder to understand, because of my non-perfect English, but it was still really funny to see how the groups had to think and work on strategies to win this game.

All in all, the day with the pupils of the Nelson-Mandela-School was a very enjoyable and interesting one.
(pg) - Paris Gogos, Schüler der Leopold-Ullstein-Schule